Module 2 - Differential

Module 2 Build:

<2nd September 2005>
I got the differential out and ready to go in, then i hunted down the foot long bolts that fit through the mounts and into some bushes pre inserted into the chassis mounts. My diff is a 3.92 ratio and has no oil in at the moment, this is fortunate as its heavy enough as it is! I then applied copper slip to the bolts and removed the left hand rear brake pipes as not to risk damaging them in this process.
I first attempted to put the bolts into place with the diff in the equation and I'm glad i did as its quite stiff. Once I'd copper slipped everything and managed to get the bolts in and out i lifted the diff into place. I put a 2 ton jack underneath to support it but it was just out of the jacks range to actually lift it. Once it was roughly in place i located one of the bolts through the chassis mount and into the diff mount. This then required a fair amount of persuasion to get it through and into the chassis mount the other side. Once one was in the other went in without too many problems.
It was only after sitting back and taking another look at the diagram in the manual that i realised the spacer and washers go on the inside between the chassis mounts and the diff!! So next time I'm at the garage i will have to remover these bolts and add the appropriate washers.

<3rd September 2005>
Popped into the garage this morning to sort out the diff. So i had to basically remove both the long bolts through the mountings. I did one at a time and due to the tight squeeze at the bushes it took some work to romove them. I got them out though and placed the spacers and washer where they should be. Then i put it back together and tightened on some bolts so it was even on both sides.
Then i had to put a bush into the Diff support mounting and then it was just a case of bolting that to the chassis and then the diff. The picture shows it all in place with the brake pipe re-attached.

<6th November 2005>
My new funnel arrived from screwfix yesterday and i stopped at the Motor Spares shop to pick up some diff oil. I got 5 litres of EP80/90 which is pretty much what Westfield recommended,filling was easy enough but i had to keep stopping and removing the funnel to make sure i didn't over fill. Inevitably i did and so i had to wait for the excess to drain out before refitting the plug.