Westfield on the road

<15th July 2006>
Car is finally road all taxed and legal today!!

<22nd July 2006>
Whilst driving during the week I noticed the transmission tunnel carpet was wet.
I assumed it was from a leak in the wiper holes but I have since noticed it actually dripping from the bottom of the heater onto the carpet
Removing the dash I saw there was a problem with one of the seals on the heater

I contacted Westfield and they have requested i send it back to them for a repair or replacement.

The light has stopped working in the Speedo so while the dash was off i took the rubber grommit off the back and it was just the bulb needed tightening in.

<23rd July 2006>
Fitted the heat wrap to the exhaust in an attempt to keep the temp down under the bonnet and in the passenger footwell

Bought a camcorder with analog in (Canon 850i) and a helmet cam from RF Concepts (550 colour) so i can get some in car footage. Had a play around with camera location and took some sample clips from strapping it to the harness (not very good) and taping it to the front wishbone (excellent footage) but set the power up to the camera and not the mic so no sound :O(