<7th July 2006>

Filled in my v55/5 form and the build up form (forgotten the ref no)

<8th July 2006>

Took the forms down to my local DLVA station and waited in line for 30 minutes just to find out when they were going through my docs that i'd brought an old insurance cover note!!
Nipped home to get the current cover note and then back to the queue.
They offered a home inspection but that would take up to 6 weeks. So i arranged to bring it in to them on the following monday.

<11th July 2006>

Time for the inspection, the examiner was held up so i had a 3 hour wait for the inspection but it was a straight forward process and he was a very plesent fellow. After it was all done i had to go back upstairs to pay for the tax and reg charge and then told i will get the plate document and tax disc in the post within 2 weeks.

<14th July 2006>

Letter arrived with the plate number and tax disc!!
I had order a motor bike tax disc holder to mount to the rear hood support and so after what seemed to be the longest day at work ever i got home and mounted the disc holder and the pates. Here is my beauty fully road legal!