Module 6 - Battery


<15th November 2005>
My first problem with fitting the battery was getting the right one! I got the one for the engine but it was way to deep. So i took the mounting bracket to my local auto shop and left it with them to find a match, i also gave them the voltage, amp hrs, and necessary crank output. After a call later that day they had located a suitable battery but said the crank output was too low. However, they suggested that they could add some plates to the battery and increase the crank output to in excess of my requirements. So that agreed i collected the batter the next morning.
The pic on the left shows the Battery in place above the passengers toes. This fits just in front of the scuttle and involved a rivet in each corner of the tray and a border of silicon sealant around the edges. As you can see below, once the tray is in position the battery slides under a lip on the right hand side, then the bracket below left is fitted into place. There was an initial problem with this that the washer provided underneath was too small and it was just bending the alloy panel. So i took it out and flattened the panel out, then as you can see below right, added 2 larger washers inside to spread the load. This worked perfectly and the battery is now very sturdy.