Why build a Kit Car?

I've had an interest in cars going back to when I was a young boy and I had my Ferrari models and sports car books. But after many years of simply driving fast on the roads I found I wanted to do more with this interest. So I have had a go at a few go kart races and my girlfriend bought me a rally driving experience for my birthday which I really enjoyed. So I originally started looking at how to get into rally driving about a year ago. I found I could get hold of the cars ok but there didn't seem to be many places to go and actually do it without the expense of competing.
So I gave up on that idea and went in search of other ways to get into motorsport.

It was at the MPH04 show in earls court that I found my next way into some serious track action, when I spoke to a guy showing a SuperKart there. Initially it looked much like a go kart but after having a good chat with the fella and him mentioning 0-60 times of 2.5 seconds and max speeds of 170 miles an hour I became very interested. So I took all the brochures and started talking with a friend about a joint venture into SuperKart racing. Well I contacted the firm ( and booked my friend and myself in for a test hire day that would give you a training session in the superkart and provide you with a certificate of proficiency to use them on superkart track days. So I was excited to be getting involved finally in a form of motorsport! However, a few weeks before my test hire day I received an e-mail from the firm stating that they had just had their first test hire day and due to the first 2 people to test the superkarts crashing and spinning them spectacularly, the karts were just too fast for "general public" to drive. So all test days were cancelled! From that point the only way to test them was to either buy one or pay for a days individual hire/tuition. At this point I started looking into the options for practicing in a superkart if I were to buy one. This was were the problem arose, there were no tracks that would allow me to practice there, so this only left me with the ones arranged by superkarttrackdays.

So I decided against this and continued my hunt for a something to quench my thirst for racing. It was not long after this that I thought about kit cars, I saw they had fantastic stats with 60 being hit in a few seconds and handling to shame the supercars. I bought kit car magazine in March 2005, and started to seriously look into what the options were to get into building a fast road/track kit car. So then I moved on to Research