Which Kit?

Once I'd decided a kit car was for me I had to decide which kit to go for. I scoured the magazines for the next few months until I saw there was a kit car show coming up in Stoneleigh, Warwick. So I planned my trip up there with my girlfriend and her parents. Before I went I had a short list in my head of the kits I wanted to look at, the Tiger Cat E1 was at the top and that seemed like the ideal kit for me. I also wanted to check out the Raw Striker, Quantum Xtreme, and on a lesser level the Dax Rush. So I went up to the show on the Sunday and it turned out to be a very sunny day and we had a good quick drive up there.

Going round I guess the biggest surprises were the Dax Rush and I found a small company called Chester Sportscars. They specialised in Tigers and produced some custom interiors and offered some donor part and engine packages that would relieve a lot of the mechanical burden from myself.

So once I had a good look round and picked up all the leaflets and brochures I could possibly carry we decided to head home. On route there was a pretty bad storm and I saw a lot of very wet kit car drivers heading home on the motorway!

Once I'd had a chance to sit down with all the info I had my shortlist below, click on the image for a picture and my Pros and Cons:

Tiger Super Cat- Chester Sportscars
Dax Rush
Quantum Xtreme
Raw Striker
Westfield Sei