Westfield Build Diary

<24th July 2006> Updated with some Driving experience

<7th July 2006> Details of my SVA test Final success! And getting the car Registered

<4th June 2006> Added pics for the Seats and Carpet Along with the preparation for SVA radius's and the long story of SVA test gloom

<23rd April 2006> Tidied the Rear Light wiring and torque tightened all the rear suspension bolts. Finished fitting the cycle wings. Sorted the Thermostat. Made the Roll Bar for SVA. Got the Tacho working

<19th April 2006> Got the Rear Number plate light working. Started fitting the cycle wings. Did lots of Misc tasks

<11th April 2006> Got the Speedo working, but still having problems with the Tachometer. Fitted the hand brake gaitor and the rear number plate surround

<9th April 2006> Fixed the headlight connection. Fitted all the Carpets down with velcro and fitted the hand brake and gear lever gaitors. Filled the Coolant then tightened up all the leaks! Fitted the clutch gaiter. Bled the Brakes tightened up all the leaks! . Got the Engine Started!! Changed the washer bottle connection to rivnuts, tidied up all the cable routing, mounted the VIN plate, fitted the battery tray and battery in a new location, Fitted an earth cable to the starter/bellhousing.

<5th April 2006> Finished the ECU Panel. Wired the Dash. Changed the connection on the Oil Pressure Sender cable. Got the Lights working. Video clip of the wipers (mpg)

<4th April 2006> More work on the ECU Panel. Finished the Coolant Pipes.Fitted the Catch Tank breather pipes.

<3rd April 2006> More work on the ECU Panel. finished fitting the Exhuast Heat Shield.Had to use the newCover.

<1st April 2006> Fitted the Dash with rivnuts. Trial fitted the .Stuck on the Rear View Mirror. Started on the ECU Panel. Started fitting the Exhuast Heat Shield.Put the Washer Pipe in place. Spent AGES fitting the Roll Bar Structs (one of the worst jobs on the car). trial of the Badge.

<30th March 2006> Built up all the wiring connections for the lights. Sorted out the routing for the ECU cable through the Scuttle

<28th March 2006> Fitted the header tank. Fitted the Oil Catch Tank. Had to trim the Bonnet. Trial fitted the Dash

<26th March 2006> Fitted the Grill. Fitted the Headlights and indicators. Started fitted some tape to the water hoses and masked the header tank. Fitted the Lamda sensor to the exhaust.

<23rd March 2006> My lovely
Catch Tank arrived. Riveted a cable tie to the chassis rail to keep the left hand brake cable away from the drive shaft. Fitted the Spare Wheel brackets

<22nd March 2006> Got the Metal Hoses P Clipped to the chassis rails. Set out the cable tie bases for the Nose Cone Grill and stuck them down

<21st March 2006> Got the Bonnet locks on

<19th March 2006> Cut the hole in the Boot Box for the harnesses

<18th March 2006> Fitted the Inner Panels. Cut the hole in the Boot Box for the RAC rollbar struts. Sent off for SVA!

<17th March 2006> Fitted theWiper Motor. Fitted the Heater (after much effort!)

<14th March 2006> Looked into the lock for the Bonnet. Fitted theWipers

<13th March 2006> Fitted the body if the Exhaust. Fitted theWater Temp sensor and adapter. Trial fitted the Inner Panel

<8th March 2006> Got the Exhaust bolted down. Continued on the Windscreen. Fixed the bottom of the Body Work

<7th March 2006> Got the Scuttle bolted down. Built up the Windscreen

<5th March 2006> Got more of the Body Work bolted down

<2nd March 2006> Trimmed the GRP on the Bonnet, Boot Box, Roll Bar, and Exhaust surround

<28th February 2006> Trial fitted the Nose Cone and finished fitting the filler

<26th February 2006> Bolted on the rear Body Tub and started cutting the hole for the filler

<21st February 2006> More work on the Coolant Pipes

<19th February 2006> fitted exhaust through the body. Trimmed and fit the Boot Box. Started fitting the Coolant Pipes

<14th February 2006> Fitted the main Roll Bar. Cut the hole for the exhaust

<11th February 2006> Rivnutted the remainder of the Transmission Tunnel Panels. Started work on adjusting the Body panels. Looked at fitting the Thermostat housing. Fitting the fog and reverse lights. Masked and drilled the hole for the exhuast

<7th February 2006> Fitted the Rear Light Clusters

<5th February 2006> Fitted the main loom to the chassis rails. Wired up the Starter and Alternator. Replaced the oil plug with the Oil Sender. Rivnutted the Transmission Tunnel Panels. Fitted the detachable Rear Arches to the main body

<28th January 2006> Fitted part of the engine loom from the Webcon Kit, and marked out the position of the Exhaust, and fitted the Horn, and then the Body on the chassis!

<24th January 2006> Fitted the pressure regulator and fuel pipes from the Webcon Kit, and fitted the Radiator

<21th January 2006> Fitted some of the breather and fuel pipes from the Webcon Kit

<19th January 2006> More work again on the Webcon Kit

<17th January 2006> More work on the Webcon Kit, and fitted the top steering column

<15th January 2006> Continued with the Webcon Kit

<13th January 2006> Trial fit the Exhaust, started work on the Webcon Kit

<10th January 2006> Fitted the Engine

<7th January 2006> Finished both the brake pipes and the Fuel Pipes .

<20th December 2005> Fitted both the brake pipes and the Fuel Pipes .

<13th December 2005> Moved both the brake pipes and the Fuel Pipes .

<11th December 2005> Received a tip about the central switches on the Dash

<10th December 2005> Fitted all the lights and toggle switches to the Dash

<9th December 2005> Torque tightened all the Drive Shaft and suspension bolts. Then got the car on its Wheels

<24th November 2005> Moved the Washer tank, Fitted demisting to Scuttle, Fitted dials to the Dash

<22nd November 2005> Fitted the Prop Shaft

<19th November 2005> The windage tray arrived so we should be able to get the Sump finished soon!

<15th November 2005> cut the vents into the Scuttle for the screen demisting, Also fitted the Battery

<8th November 2005> Took the engine to Ken to replace almost everything and fit all the new stuff, had a problem with the New Sump have had to mail Scholar for info. Trimed the Scuttle to fit around the upper steering column

<6th November 2005> Filled the Diff with oil. Fitted the Washer tank

<27th October 2005> Changed the chip in the ECU

<25th October 2005> Wired up the Fuel Pump, also the Webcon Kit arrived, and finally fitted the Fuel Tank

<18th October 2005> Secured the Rear Loom along the chassis. Placed the Fuel Tank in place to check everything fits together ok

<15th October 2005> Collected the Engine from Westfield. Secured the Fuel hoses and filter to the chassis rail. Also joined the Engine and Gearbox. Lastly i fitted the Speed Transducer

<11th October 2005> Fitted the Fuel hoses and filter to the chassis rail. Also made the required modifications to my Gearbox

<9th October 2005> Picked up a Sandwich plate for a Sierra, and fitted the Fuel Pump to the chassis rail

<6th October 2005> My Sump arrived today.

<5th October 2005> Got a call from Westfield about the Engine fittings. Also ordered my Alpha Platinum Kit from Southern Carburettes So i should receive it in about 3 weeks.

<4th October 2005> Fit the Gearbox in place to see the fit. Fixed the hand brake warning switch in place. Spoke to Westfield about the Engine mounts.

<2nd October 2005> Started looking the Gearbox connections today. Also started looking into what needs to be replaced on the Engine

<29th September 2005> Gearbox arrived!

<28th September 2005> Had a mail back from Westfield telling me I need to change the sump. Westfield can provide one for 270 but i have mailed Scholar Engines after asking the advice of the Westfield owners club forum members

<27th September 2005> Continued cleaning up the engine and looked into the water system. Noticed that there was nowhere for the starter to go so posted this question to Westfield

<25th September 2005> Did some more work on the Engine

<24th September 2005> Did a little more tidying up of the Wiring Loom and then started work on the Engine

<20th September 2005> Removed the right hand hand brake cable and re-fitted properly. Continued to work on the Wiring Loom

<18th September 2005> Connected Fuse Boxes up to the scuttle, started to plan the wiring loom path

<17th September 2005> Went to Total Kit Car Live show today, the Westfield stand had a part made up Sport 2000 which has a lot in common with my build (its a Duratech rather then a zetec) and thankfully it bore a striking resmelence to my car! Also went for a passenger ride in a Raw Striker driven by Gary Goodyear (750mc champion) in his actual 750 MC race car!

<16th September 2005> Had a good few hours in the garage tonight, despite the cold! Got the picture of the Rear brake and connected up the hand brake. The i got the Retaining nuts in place. Bent and fitted the solid Fuel Pipes . Started on the Wiring Loom

<15th September 2005> Rear brakes are now both connected, also the correct flexible brake pipes arrived today. I also worked out (with the help of Westfield) the rear fuel system

<13th September 2005> Fitted both the outer hubs and then the completed Drive Shaft in place. Then fitted the clutch and throttle cable through to the pedals Then felt the need to sit in it

<12th September 2005> outer hubs arrived!

<11th September 2005> Started fitting the rear brakes

<8th September 2005> Started putting the left Drive Shaft together, got the hand brake and cables in place

<7th September 2005> Fitted the Front left hub and started looking at the Drive Shaft

<5th September 2005> Top wishbone arrived today!

<3rd September 2005> Fixed the Differential , and added the Current Status section to show the car as it currently stands

<2nd September 2005> Got the steering rack in today, Then started work on getting the Differential in place.

<31st August 2005> Did some work on the front hubs today.

<30th August 2005> Got the brake pipes done today!

<29th August 2005> put the front suspension on today.

<27th August 2005> Got the last of the alloy panels on today, so a bit of a break from riveting! Also got the rear suspension fitted up

<26th August 2005> Loads more riveting today, also fitted the brake master cylinder , and got all the bushes in for the suspension.

<25th August 2005> More work on the alloy panels in Module 1 . I also got the pedals assembled, and started work on the suspension.

<24th August 2005> Started work! Check out Module 1 for my progess fitting the alloy panels.

<23rd August 2005> Picked up the kit, check out the details here