Preparing the Garage for the build


So as you can see there's been as amazing transformation as Keith and Jane have not only cleared the garage of all the rubbish. But they have painted the walls a bright white which makes it look a lot cleaner but more importantly will relect the light and make it a lot brighter in there whilst working. The floor has been painted with a sealer and then a red floor paint which again makes it a lot cleaner and will also make it much easier to find any dropped screws or rivits! They have also put up extra florecent lighting and added a number of plug sockets for all the tools! As you can see for the picture there i a very sturdy bench at the back with a bench vice in place and at the back some racking has been put in purely for parts of the kit! They really have pulled out all the stops to get this garage not just ready but transformed into a room that could be used for an operating theatre! Perfect for the my kit to be born in! All thats left now is to pick up the kit and find places to store all the bits to be used later in the build out of the way.