Module 3 - Propshaft

Module 3 Build:
<22nd November 2005>
Firstly i had a nightmare with this!
If there is one piece of advice i can give, DO NOT ever over extend the sliding joint on the prop shaft! You will firstly end up with grease everywhere, and secondly have a hell of a job getting it back together properly. Well until now that is! I managed to do this and spent hours (literally) trying to get it back together. The problem is it doesn't then slide, it will go in a few inches and then appear to get stuck. The joint is made up of a shaft on the diff side with a grooved edge, and on the inside of the gearbox side is a series of slots for these to go in (as below)

The problem is (as i found out from the WSCC forum after an evening trying to sort this out) that this joint will only fit properly one way! as you can see from the pics below there is one seemingly double sized gap in the inner joint but the splines on the shaft seem completely uniform, even when i got it fitted together i couldn't see a difference and can't for the life of me see how it works!

I did however notice the little nipple below on the top edge of the shaft

So out of desperation i tried lining this up with the double sized slot in the inner joint. To my absolute amazement as in the pics below it just slid into place. All the way down with no resistence at all!

So once i had this working i took the shaft back out and made sure the entire joint was properly greased up, then put it back together, never to be pulled apart again.

Once i had this all sorted all that was left for me to do before the engine / gearbox go in is to attach the Diff end to the differential. I put two oppostion bolts loosely in place to make sure all the holes lined up (there are a choice of bolt holes) and then went about applying nut lock to the diff bolts.

Once the two opposite bolts were in and torque tightened i took out the original bolts and applied the nut lock to them, then re-inserted them and torqued them up.