Westfield SEiW

The name is a big selling point, Westfield is very big and well established in the kit car world. They have a very good factory and the people there are very friendly and knowledgeable. The real selling point is the kit itself though, it looks great and fits together so well. Everything comes in the kit and the alloy panels are not only pre cut but pre drilled as well! Whatever option engine/gearbox you pick they have the parts and you will get them in the kit. The price was still one of the highest but a lot less then I thought and well worth the extra when you look at the residuals. I was also able to take the Duratec powered Sport 2000 on my own for a good test drive and can say there was more power and grip then I was brave enough to test fully! Can't wait to get my one on the road and track to get the most of it!!

Obviously none as I ordered this one!!