Module 4 - Fuel Tank

<25th October 2005>
Fuel Tank:
The Build manual gives all the instructions on how to fit the Fuel Level Sender, but mine, and i think all the fuel tanks have these pre-installed. All i had to do to prep the tank was to screw in the two nozzles, one large one in the bottom of the tank for the fuel out, and one at the back of the tank for the fuel return.
I then had to fit some foam to the chassis where the tank will sit the also some foam on the underside of the fuel tank brackets, as below. The brackets are provided pre bent to the roung shape.

Then to attach the tank i positioned it in its place then fitted the brackets around it. There are pre inserted Rivnuts at the desired mounting points and so these were the guides to locate the brackets. There isn't that much room so to make it easier i bolted the bottoms in first (m6 20mm screw set) after having to drill the bracket holes a little bigger. Then it was just a case of folding the brackets over the tank, drilling the top hole, locating a screw set and washers through the top and tightening down until it was secure. The bracket bends slightly throughout this process and there is a relatively large overhang that i hammered down around the chassis. Once in though the tank was very secure.

Then i had the simple job of attaching the fuel pipes to the tank. This is once again with Jubilee clips.

And here it is all in place!